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An online shop devoted to Pinot Noir! <link> Why?

“It’s an obvious question, why devote a whole shop to just one grape? The reason is in the wine, Pinot Noir can be used to make wines of unsurpassable subtlety, complexity and downright tastiness. It does not produce simple, head-ache inducing, ‘Block busters’, but wines that are more easily savoured and contemplated. These are surely the things we all look for in a red wine.

Many of us will have been disappointed by a Pinot Noir. The grape is difficult to grow, often the weather’s not good enough and perhaps, the winemaker doesn’t have enough luck or skill to get the most of the grape. But I don’t think this should be the customer’s problem – you shouldn’t have to take a risk to get a taste of the greatest grape. That’s why I have set-up a wine shop selling only Pinot Noirs, and only great Pinot Noirs which give expression to the grape’s potential.”

I’m convinced.


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