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The Daily Mail reports here <link> about a diner who was prepared to pay £18,000 for a bottle of 1961 Petrus only to send it back as a fake!

“… the customer refused to touch it because the cork was not stamped with the standard mark of provenance proving where and when it was made. Zafferano’s general manager Enzo Cassini admitted it was an awkward and unprecedented situation.

“Yes, the customer was cross. He had a problem because when he saw that there was no mark on the cork he didn’t want to drink it any more. He said: ‘this could be a fake.’”

Turns out the punter was probably right. The article goes on to explain that Corney & Barrow, who are agents for Petrus in the UK, sent their MD around to verify the bottle. Although there was no evidence the bottle was a fake, Mr Brett-Smith (the MD) was unable to provide a definitive answer. The company said: “What we told the restaurant and later confirmed in writing is that it is impossible to confirm 100 per cent the authenticity of a wine pre-1964.”

The Daily Mail go on to report that “Corney & Barrow now insist that every empty bottle of Pétrus is destroyed after the contents have been drunk to stop it being refilled with an inferior, fraudulent wine.”

and then… 

“After calming down the customer ordered an alternative — a magnum of Mouton Rothschild 1945 at £20,000. This time it got drunk. “

Seems this customer was determined to spend some serious money on a bottle of wine. I think this photo is about as close as I’m going to get to an £18,000 bottle of wine.


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