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First it was cans. Now Forbes are reporting that tetra packs and plastic bottles are next.

“There is the perception of plastic that comes from water bottles, but the difference is, water comes from your tap and wine doesn’t,” says Patrick Egan, innovation and brand manager for the French Rabbit wines, which come in Tetra Pak (the same cartons you see for soy milk, chicken stock, coconut water, etc.). The French Rabbit wines are produced and packaged by French wine company Boisset Family Estates. Boisset is also the producer of Yellow Jersey, the first wine that will be available in a 750-milliliter plastic bottle when it is launched in the U.S. later this summer.”

Full story here <link>. And French Rabbit here <link>

Forbes also suggest that moving to lighter containers is also good for the environment.

“According to an October 2007 study from the American Association of Wine Economists, the production and distribution of wine is responsible for roughly 6.3 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions, or nearly 1% of global emissions annually. That’s equivalent to the emissions generated by 1 million passenger cars each year, with nearly all of that impact coming from the transportation of the wine, not the production of it.”

One percent due to the transportation of wine! Seems like a lot to me.

But back to the tetra paks and plastic bottles. Personally I prefer glass. Though I am getting used to screw caps. As a further aside, I hear crown caps like on beer bottles deliver an even better seal than a screw cap.


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