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“No winery in California is more unconventional, experimental or even radical than Scholium. Half the wines it makes in any given year are exquisite. The other half are shocking and sometimes undrinkable. All of them are fascinating, which is exactly the way Mr. Schoener wants it.”

The New York Times article on Mr Schoener, above, <link> outlines the most unusual and left-field approach to making wine that I’ve ever heard.

“Many of Mr. Schoener’s techniques may seem eccentric in California. He prefers natural fermentations, using minimal amounts of sulfur dioxide as a preservative, and while most California producers exalt bountiful fruit flavors in their wine, Mr. Schoener does not. In the course of his cellar work, he said, “I do everything to banish fruit flavors.”

Here’s his site <link>. Like his wines, it isn’t what you expect from a winery website.

I wonder if he sells in the UK? I’d really like to try a bottle.


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