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Joel Stein set out to taste one wine from all 50 states on the to-die-for wine lover “road trip”. Thanks TIME for funding Joel’s “trip” (and his liver transplant). Here’s the article <link> and here’s the infoviz of the wine <link>.

The last para is brilliant. It captures the risk taking the embues all wine tasters.

“After a lengthy tasting session where we tried 20 wines, my drunken friends encouraged me to drink from the spit bucket. I took a whiff and instantly realized it couldn’t taste as bad as the red from Cape Cod, which was the worst beverage of any kind I’d ever tasted–and I had to swallow barium for an upper-GI test. As I took a swig and swirled it around to gross out my friends, I thought it tasted like America. It was sweet, funky, simple, aggressive and not as bad as you’d been led to believe.”


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