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Single servings of wine in aluminium containers. I’m a complete Luddite when it comes to serving wine. Half bottles for sweet wine I can live with. But I’ve only just got used to screwtops and still prefer corks. So Volute <link> “premium portable wine” served in 187ml single serve aluminium bottles are not going to rock my boat. Though they make a good case (sorry).

“…wine wasn’t always stored in glass bottles – that’s only been since the 16th century. And wine has been around much, much longer than that. Throughout history, every civilization simply used the container that would protect the wine best, based on their knowledge and technology at that time. The Egyptians and Greeks used amphoras. In the Middle Ages wine was stored in goatskin. Ceramics were used – even wood.

And now we’ve evolved past glass to aluminum. We chose aluminum not only because it brings qualities identical to glass, but it also protects the wine from light.”


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