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The concept is you send SMS tasting notes as you drink the wine. Here’s their blurb.

Corkscore is a team of creative, committed wine enthusiasts with deep technology and commercial skills. The company is currently based in Sydney Australia and is self funding. Our philosophy is to offer to the wine enthusiast a secure repository for their wine notes, providing that essential memory of wines enjoyed over time.”

And it looks as though they’re adding some funky features.

“Wine recognition

We try to guess from your message exactly which wine you drank. We support of 17,000 Australian and 3,000 New Zealand wines, with full winery, region/appellation and varietal details. French, US and other wines coming soon.”

Two thoughts. I’m not sure I’m up for international SMSs just to record tasting notes. I can easily tap them into my phone’s notepad. And when typing the name I almost wrote cock-sure. A Freudian slip, perhaps, given it is an Australian service?


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