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The whole wine writing world seems to be running articles on the best alternative sparkling wines for a credit crunch New Year. Why?

Yes, there may be better value sparkling wines and maybe even better quality sparkling wines on the market (parochially Pelorus from Cloudy Bay is a favourite) but champagne is champagne. It’s made for celebrations. Don’t dilly dally with Cava and “Methode-whatever”, get some bottles of the real stuff and enjoy the moment.

 “In victory we deserve it, and in defeat we need it,” as Churchill said of his customary Pol Roger.

Note also that the latest figures from France’s champagne wine board, the CIVC, show a 23 per cent fall in the number of bottles leaving the main cellars in October compared with the same month a year earlier. So there may be some bargains floating around.

Update: Here’s a writer who is of the same mind as me – “Champagne: Bottles to toast a New Year” <link>


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