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Food& Wine start their Martinborough pinot review with a paragraph on the region <link>

“It’s on the North Island, though it’s the southernmost wine region on that island. Various wines are produced there, but the region’s strength is Pinot Noir; along with Central Otago, it’s one of the best Pinot zones in the country. And it’s tiny, less than three percent of New Zealand’s total wine growing area.”

Larry McKenna gives his views on the difference between Martinborough and Central Otago Pinot’s. Larry is a good judge as he makes the excellent Escarpment Pinot and previously made a series of excellent Martinborough Vineyard’s Pinot Noir’s.

“Central has longer days, more U.V., more light, and gets wines that are very deeply colored and very fruit driven, but that lack some structure and complexity. Whereas Martinborough is more structured, more textured, perhaps longer-living, and certainly more complex.”

Note also the comment that 2006 is a good benchmark.

Here’s a location map.



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