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“Of all the cities of the ancient world, none was more opulent than Sybaris, which was settled by Greek colonists on the instep of the Italian boot near the Ionian coast. Wealthy Sybarites had wine piped from vineyards to their homes…” reports Time Magazine.

I was born too late and in the wrong country to have wine piped to my Sybarite home. Darn. But I can now buy it in a mini barrel (if I lived in the States. Darn again). Meet the Red Truck mini barrel.


“The new Mini-Barrel by Red Truck Wines, available at Sam’s Club stores nationwide beginning in March, 2009, offers high quality wine in a ground-breaking 3L package which keeps wine fresh for up to 40 days. Holding the equivalent of four 750ml bottles, this convenient, eye-catching and environmentally-friendly package offers consumers a terrific wine value.”


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