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First the French decided to try it.

In May 2008, a dozen frogmen placed the bottles of Arbois wine, kept in wire crates, 60 metres below the surface among the ruins of a sunken 12th century abbey in Vouglans, in the Jura region of eastern France. <link>

Now the Japanese. Mo Ippai reports.

“Off license owner, Seiichi Hirai of Himeji and his partner have decided to try an experimental maturation technique with some sake and wine they have in their store.” <link>

Basically they are hanging 108 bottles of sake, and 48 bottles of wine under the sea off Murotsu Port in Tatsuno, Hyogo.

In May they packed them in crates and then hung them about 5 metres under the surface. The plan is to take them out in December and “hopefully” the sake and wine will have been “mellowed” by the waves and differences in water temperature, etc.


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