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The Cellarist identifies eight wines he calls “undiscovered gems” <link> Coming from that part of the world as I do I can vouch for the selection and that I would happily consume all eight of those wines.

Wendouree's old vines

Wendouree's old vines

And I can also vouch for the quality of the Wendouree wines mentioned in the intro. Many years ago we visited the Wendouree vineyard and it was a real pleasure. On a scorching hot day we drove up a beaten, dusty track to an old woolshed under some eucalypt trees. We found our way into this small, cool ,wooden room and met a calm, unhurried, friendly person who welcomed us and offered us fine wine. Perfect. I still have some bottles in my cellar.


And while you might not be able to get Wendouree wines, you should look out for wines from Tim Adams. The Tim Adams winery and vineyard are right next to Wendouree and I believe he bought some of Wendouree’s 100 year old vines. The Tim Adams Shiraz is a favourite in this house.


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