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The Croatian Times reports on this huge bottle of wine from China.

…as they claim the new world record for the world’s biggest ever bottle of wine.

The 15ft high bottle contains an astonishing 1,850 litres of claret produced by Wang Chen Wines in Liaoning, northern China.

It contains treble the amount held by the previous record-holders in Austria.

I can’t find Wang Chen Wines to verify the announcement.

I’m dubious about the largest. I’m more certain about the lightest. Here’s the Decanter coverage of the Tesco announcement.

The world’s lightest wine bottle will hit the shelves in UK supermarket Tesco this week.

Tesco is using the 300g screwcap bottle, produced by Manchester-based independent wine supplier Kingsland Wines and Spirits, for its own label Australian non-vintage red.

At 300g, the lightweight bottle uses nearly 30% less glass than the average wine bottle, creating less carbon emissions.


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