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from Gourmet Traveller

There’s always value in reading articles like this one. You may not be able to get exactly that wine at exactly that price. But what you do get is a list of wineries to be on the look out for. You never know, they may appear in your local wine shop.

Wynns Coonawarra is always reliable. As is Peter Lehman. I’ve never really taken to Wyndham Estate but a good friend of mine speaks highly of them. The one I’ll be looking for is the Trentham Estate Pinot Noir. A picture always helps keep something in the memory. So here’s what the label looks like.

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“Hidden Treasures”. The Sydney Morning Herald identifies 10 wineries from off the beaten track here. The introdution also proves the 80:20 rule.

“There are 2300 wineries in Australia with 1600 cellar doors and yet the top 20 wineries account for 80 per cent of all wine sales.”

Geoff Weaver is the only winery I’m familiar with. I’ll be looking out for the others.

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 Wine touring in Australia? This site is all you need. Just choose your region and up comes a Google map with the wineries marked. Clever. <link>

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