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Wine wins!!!!

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We all know that alcohol contains calories and can contribute to making you fat. Beer guts are all the evidence we need. You don’t hear about “wine guts” but just how many calories are there in a glass of wine? Enter David Beart. In this article he gives his view <link>.

I’ve summarised the key points and numbers below. That he confidently states, “There are fewer calories in wine than most other alcoholic beverages” can only be good news.

  • Most wines come in under the 100 calories per glass (4oz).
  • 80 calories   White Zinfadel, Sauvignon Blanc, Marsala
  • 85 calories   Chablis
  • 90 calories  Riesling, Chardonnay, White Burgundy, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 95 calories  Red Burgundy, Red Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Merlot, Rhone, or Rose
  • 100 calories  Mosell, Pink Champagne, and Chianti 
  • 105 calories  Champagne dry 
  • 110 calories  Sangria and Sauterne
  • 160 calories  Muscatel and Madeira
  • 165 calories  Tokay
  • 185 calories  Ruby Port

You can read for yourself the fructose discussion.

The good news is “an average gin and tonic comes in around 280 calories” and “beer can be anywhere from 140 to 200 calories per 12 ounce serving and light beer weighs in on average around 100 calories.”

So that glass of red wine is not as fattening as a glass of beer or a G&T. Excellent.

Update, from the Daily Telegraph, 17 April 2009 <link>

  • Large glass (250ml) of average strength red wine = 214 calories = one bag of Cheesy Wotsits.
  • A bottle of average strength red wine = 644 calories = 14 jaffa cakes or McDonald’s Cheeseburger and medium fries.
  • Large glass of medium dry white wine = 190 calories = two and a half digestive biscuits.
  • Bottle of medium dry white wine = 570 calories = chicken with cashew nuts and egg fried rice.
  • One pint of premium lager = 330 calories = one four ounce fillet steak
  • One pint of cider = 200 calories = one KFC chicken drumstick
  • Large Bailey’s (100ml) = 320 calories = one Snickers bar
  • One shot (25ml) of vodka or gin = 55 calories = one 25ml serving of single cream

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It just so happens that I am in New York at the moment and Super Bowl is on this weekend. (This means I’m temporarily a Giants fan). Having watched Super Bowl live in America once before, last time it was Hawaii, I can only associate beer with the particular sporting event. But this bloke recommends wine <link>. I remain unconvinced.

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