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“Bordeaux has 10,000 wine producers, 53 co-operatives, 130 brokers and 400 négociants.  It is estimated that one person in six of the Gironde’s working population is involved in the trade.  Not all wine producers own châteaux, of which there are approximately 5,000 across all the regions of Bordeaux.”

This from Berry Bros. Their site includes lots of great information on the wine industry as well as some great wines.

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Here’s how Simon Staples, Sales and Marketing Director at Berry Bros (aka BigSithewineguy) would spend a lose £10,000 on wines from Burgundy, Bordeaux and Rhone. <link> No New Zealand Pinot Noir then?

Scroll through to the end of the list to see some high priced, great wine. Personally, I’d love to taste (drink!) the 2005 Giscours.

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Don’t worry about Mr Parker.  Listen to Jancis Robinson and Simon Staples, Berry Bros, review 2008 Bordeaux here <link>. They’ll tell you all you need to know.

“Who would have thought that after months of continuous bad weather and set-backs in the vineyards, and weeks of speculation about the quality of the wines, that we would actually come away with anything better than mediocre praise for these specimens?  But there’s no denying that many of the wines surpassed our expectations (though it must be said that many didn’t).”

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The fine people at Berry Bros have created these excellent online vintage charts for French and World wines <link>

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My blog stats tell me that I’ve got a referral from the famous London company Berry Bros & Rudd. How did this happen? Is my life complete?


Just cos I could I decided to run a third experiment using RSS – it’s simply brilliant (RSS that is). I set out to see how much wine-related information I could aggregate from around t’Internet.

I got the idea from (which I think is fabulous). You see I have a “wine” subscription on which sends me all the links that people tag with “wine”. So I took an RSS feed and put it into wordpress. Then I went off into the wine world to see what feeds I could find. Heaps or should that be vats.

  • eRobert Parker wine of the day
  • Wine Spectator – Headlines, Daily Picks, Blog Posts
  • Decanter News
  • Berry Bros & Rudd Fine Wine Blog
  • Cork’d’s most popular

I also got a feed out of Flickr of all the photos tagged “wine”.

Separately I have Google alerts for wine. I don’t think they offer RSS. I’ll check. Maybe I’ll use them as a link blog in the body of the page along with my own thoughts on wine (currently on The Displaced Kiwi) . Watch this space.

I suspect I have just created another Internet backwater. But as before I’m having fun. If wordpress would let me have more that nine RSS feeds I’d fill it up; there is heaps of content just waiting to be aggregated. (I’m becoming Newsgator)

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