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“The cork material makes an ideal soft handle and tells the story of previous evenings.”

Such a good idea. What a great way to store that special cork or remember what got opened the night before.

Buy one here.

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Here’s a great use for those old corks. Mind you most of the wines I buy seem to have screw caps. Not quite the same.


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“The wine on the left in each of the line-ups is the screw cap wine – the others are various cork…s and synthetics . . . None of the wine were drinkable after 10 years – EXCEPT the one under screwcap. . . Yes you CAN age wines nicely under screwcap”. This is Tercero Wine’s conclusion based on an Australian Wine Research Institute study.

Thanks for the post. It’s a great image.

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Meet Zork the world’s first resealable, reusable, recyclable sparkling wine closure (aka cork or stopper).

Decanter reports on it here. I particularly like the McWilliams survey result that 10% of Australian sparkling wine drinkers used a teaspoon to retain the bubbles. I remember my Mum and Dad putting teaspoons in lemonade bottles when I was a kid.

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cork explosion

From Decanter.

“A German scientist has managed to register the speed of a Champagne cork as it leaves the bottle.

Friedrich Balck of Clausthal Technical University in northwest Germany found that a vigorously shaken bottle of Champagne, with a pressure of 2.5 bars, expelled its cork at 40 kilometres per hour (km/h) – 24.8 miles per hour.”

Here’s the university’s website. link

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