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Hendrix = Cabernet

Wine tastes better with music, according to the Telegraph.

“The research showed that when a powerful, heavy piece of music is heard, a wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon is perceived as being 60 per cent more powerful, rich and robust than when no music is heard.”

The Telegraph also reports that it tastes better in blue or red lit rooms.

“Drinkers’ brains are tricked into thinking a glass of white wine is better and more expensive tasting when exposed to the red or blue background lighting than those in rooms with green or white background lighting.”

The right glass can make a difference to taste, according to Reidel.

“The type of wine glass you drink out of can make a huge difference when it comes to the nose and flavor of a wine, and Riedel was one of the first major companies to recognize this.”

What you taste is influenced by what you’re told beforehand:

“Wine tastes different to those who are given information on the product before a wine tasting”

And wine tastes different in the air ie in a plane.

“Did you know that wine tastes different in the air? So that glass of sauvignon blanc you savour at home might be a bit too acidic at 10,000m. And a nice cabernet sauvignon you lick your lips over when it’s served on the plane could seem a bit overpowering when you get back down to earth.”

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Perfect. I’ll never get my wines mixed up again. Buy them here <link>

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How to pour a whole bottle of wine into a glass without spilling a drop and still looking cool. Designed by Kouichi Okamoto from kyouei design ltd. Thanks designboom.

design boom explain, “the glass tank works with air and water pressure. When emptying the glass, the tank re-fills it with a constant amount of liquid, without flowing over the brim.”

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“The Silhouette wine glass design is the only one in the world that addresses the senses of smell, touch, see, hear, and taste to the last swallow.” <link> Yes, it does say “hear”.

I like the look of this glass especially when it comes to smelling the wine. I’m prepared to give it a go. Just hope I remember which side to drink out of when I’ve had more than a glass or two.

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