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While we found very good wines — wines I’d be happy to drink with dinner — we did not find a great wine, one that could demonstrate the full potential of New Zealand pinot noir, rather than simply suggesting it.

Perhaps that’s understandable. Wine moves at the pace of agriculture, slowly and cyclically. Science and technology have made it possible for modern viticulture to shortcut the centuries it took the monks to select the best sites in Burgundy for pinot noir, but some things cannot be rushed.

The full story is here

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“The peoples of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they learned to cultivate the olive and the vine.” So wrote the Greek historian Thucydides in the fifth century B.C.,and indeed,wine-making is as old as civilization itself.

Here’s a great place to start your wine reading. Well done NYT.

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“…just as the global economy went into a tailspin, nature played a cruel joke on New Zealand vintners. While frosts had limited the country’s crop in previous years, last year brought a record harvest — 39 percent larger than that of the year before. The harvest this year was another bumper crop, equivalent in size to that of 2008.”

In one para this article captures the state of the New Zealand wine industry, particularly when it comes to Sauvignon Blanc.

On the plus side, as a drinker, lots of good value wines out there.

Full story here <link>

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rose wine

I’m not a big fan of rose wines. My wife is and fortunately so it the Kitchn. Here are their Rosé Wine Buying Tips <link>

“1. Look for the current vintage, which this year will be the wines of 2008. That said, I did taste a number of 2007’s that had retained all their freshness and youthful bright fruit, as well as one or two from 2006.

2. As most rosé wines do not indicate whether dry or off-dry, it is worth remembering that in general, old world producing countries will be dry. For the New World, ask the sales assistant, if the back label information does not help.

3. Ask about the grape variety. Traditionally many rosé wines are blends. However today we see more and more varietal rosé, made from Syrah, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec to name but a few.

4. Experiment – Rosé wines are keenly priced. Most run from under $10 to about $20. Try different ones for sipping, or with your favorite foods.”

But the article goes much further giving background and makes recommendations. If you’re into rose, it’s well worth a read. Me? I’m unconvinced.

Update: More rose coverage. This time the New York Times <link>. More on the business and politics of the rose trade.

Update: The Times (of London) joins in <link>. Jane McQuilty says, “The pink wine boom continues. Our thirst for rosé, far from being a craze, is still growing year on year and there are walls of pinks everywhere, with Tesco fielding a sticky, supposedly crowd-pleasing selection of more than 50 bottles, while discerning Waitrose offers 40 and Majestic Wine 35.”

Update: I think it’s written in Swedish, but it definitely someone’s list of recommended rose wines and the names of the wines can be understood, even if the rating system is a little obscure. <link>

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MacWorld reviews five wine apps for iPhone and iPod Touch here <link>. None of the apps seems to be the finished product. Having said that it is a useful review. The comments help too.

Update: Vinifolio launches wine prices iPhone app <link>

“The Wine Prices iPhone application provides the ability to search over 400,000 wine auction price results on over 10,000 individual wines and over 1 million US wine retail prices on nearly 200,000 unique wines.”

Update: Mac World’s second article on the subject <link>

Update: Three Apps to Take to the Wine Seller from the New York Times <link>

Update: Winery Quest for the tasting roadtrip of California <link>

Update: Discussion of the ideal iPhone app <link>

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