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The Cloudy Bay Pinot Journal is online at Youtube. The background music is classic corporate vid (which I could do without) but the content is worth watching. It’s always interesting to know what the viticulturalist thinks of the vintage and 2011 sounds like a good one. View it here.

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Not only is this vineyard close to my home town of Christchurch in New Zealand, their website is wonderfully typographic. <link>

Now all I need to do is get a taste of the wine. Raymond Chan thinks the Chardonnay is pretty good. Here’s his summary.

The Naish family have brought Black Estate to the fore of Waipara wine producers. The output is with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from 4 ha of vines of each variety from the home vineyard, and contracted Riesling fruit from nearby. The Chardonnay is from 15 y.o. Mendoza clone and is deemed to be something special. I concur..

And in full <link>

As a further aside, some mighty fine Canterbury rugby players also call Omihi home.

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“Using a custom-crush facility, Twitter is making a California Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir under the Fledgling wine label and donating the proceeds from the sales to Room to Read, a non-profit organization that supports literacy programs around the world.”

The Wine Spectator interviews Biz Stone here.

And if you’re interested you can follow me here.

Update: The wine is now available. It’s called Fledgling. <link>

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“At all price ranges, New Zealand pinot noir over delivers…” <link>

Lots of good wines and recogniseable brands in here.

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Location: Windsor, CA USA
Listing Date: 02/16/2010
Title: Russian River Valley – 2009 Pinot Noir SOLD
Varietal: ’09 Pinot Noir
Varietal Details: Dijon – 777, 667, 115, 114, 459, 828
Region: CA – Sonoma County
Appellation: Russian River Valley
Product Type: Wine & Juice
Quantity: 7000 gal
Price: negotiabl
All sustainably farmed, bird-netted, hand picked very clean.

9 existing vineyard designated Pinot noirs from these vineyard blocks — all highly awarded and 90+ scores.

We are looking to team with wine makers that can showcase our dedication and track record of growing outstanding wine grapes. We are especially interested in long term vineyard designation programs.

Small lots OK. Excellent winemaker references from current clients & some samples available.


Looks like they’ve been sold.

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While we found very good wines — wines I’d be happy to drink with dinner — we did not find a great wine, one that could demonstrate the full potential of New Zealand pinot noir, rather than simply suggesting it.

Perhaps that’s understandable. Wine moves at the pace of agriculture, slowly and cyclically. Science and technology have made it possible for modern viticulture to shortcut the centuries it took the monks to select the best sites in Burgundy for pinot noir, but some things cannot be rushed.

The full story is here

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Seresin Estate

A great quote from UK wine writer, Matthew Duke, on pinot noir.

“You can’t plant it on flat land, it hates fertile soil, it likes hillsides, so it’s more difficult to work, it’s almost as if the vine looks at you and says, `I don’t want any mechanisation, I want you and your hands, and that’s it’. It breaks your back and pisses you off. You can’t do it in volume,”

Personally it is the one grape to rule them all.

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“Most people don’t even realize that Germany produces any red wine at all, let alone some very good pinot noir.”

An accurate summation of the situation, and my knowledge, by the New York Times. The article goes on to say…

The proof that Germany is now making some exceptional pinot noirs is there for the tasting, if only more people in this country could taste it.

Sounds like I need to go and find one/some and have a taste.

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The best of Wine Spectator in 2009 <link>

It’s all there in one article. Make sure you read the one about how red wine improves your sex life and the Californian Pinot tasting.

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Lots of wine writers are preparing our palates for Thanksgiving. Here’s a collection.

Pinot for Thanksgiving <here>

Wine Spectator’s 12 whites for Thanksgiving <here> and reds <here>

Thanksgiving sparkling wines <here>

Top 10 Thanksgiving bottles <here>

Don’t pick a turkey <here>

Wines to complement a feast <here>

What to drink from Slate <here>

Suggestions from the NYT <here>

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