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“At all price ranges, New Zealand pinot noir over delivers…” <link>

Lots of good wines and recogniseable brands in here.

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Don’t worry about Mr Parker.  Listen to Jancis Robinson and Simon Staples, Berry Bros, review 2008 Bordeaux here <link>. They’ll tell you all you need to know.

“Who would have thought that after months of continuous bad weather and set-backs in the vineyards, and weeks of speculation about the quality of the wines, that we would actually come away with anything better than mediocre praise for these specimens?  But there’s no denying that many of the wines surpassed our expectations (though it must be said that many didn’t).”

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MacWorld reviews five wine apps for iPhone and iPod Touch here <link>. None of the apps seems to be the finished product. Having said that it is a useful review. The comments help too.

Update: Vinifolio launches wine prices iPhone app <link>

“The Wine Prices iPhone application provides the ability to search over 400,000 wine auction price results on over 10,000 individual wines and over 1 million US wine retail prices on nearly 200,000 unique wines.”

Update: Mac World’s second article on the subject <link>

Update: Three Apps to Take to the Wine Seller from the New York Times <link>

Update: Winery Quest for the tasting roadtrip of California <link>

Update: Discussion of the ideal iPhone app <link>

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Typically the pricing of a wine reflects the winery’s best assessment of where demand and supply meet to clear the stock of wine produced taking account of, amongst other things, quality, scarcity value, competitive environment and in the case of top Bordeaux investment demand.  So it was with interest that I tried the 1998 Esk Valley The Terraces the other night, a wine that cost me £70 a year ago – the most I have seen charged for a bottle of New Zealand wine.

The wine has pedigree but clearly the winery itself has fairly lofty opinions of where this wine sits relative to its NZ peers by pricing it significantly above most other top quality NZ reds. Arguably age and the year of production (1998 was an excellent vintage for Hawkes Bay reds)  contributed to the price but really that does not go remotely close to justifying a 100-200% premium to its peers. So was it worth it? In a word – No.  I wanted to really like it – believe me – especially having forked out so much – but in my opinion the quality did not justify the price. The wine itself had a nice complexity on the nose with mocha and chocolate characters but also a leafiness which detracted, palate was medium weight with reasonable berry fruit intensity and nice oak integration. It  had mellowed nicely (probably at peak now) but length of fruit was a little disappointing.  Overall the wine was  good, but not great, lacking the structure and complexity one could expect of a NZ wine charging this price.  BTW I asked my partner what she would pay for this wine (a very talented taster with little interest in wine beyond a couple of glasses with dinner) and she ventured no more than £15 – perhaps a little harsh but probably closer to the mark.

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