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Bob Campbell put the 2009 Astrolabe at the top of his list of 10. It’s also the cheapest in the list. <link>

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New Zealand’s top Sauvignon Blanc’s as selected by Cuisine magazine are just out <link>.

Congratulations to St Clair and Mudhouse who both get two wines in the list.

Update: Here’s the Wine Vault’s list <link>. A St Clair wine features in this compilation too.

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<link> I wouldn’t mind a go. But I suspect sending the component parts to London is a little outside the scope. I might have to settle with blending some fine wines with fine food.

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New Zealand grape growers are cutting output of all varieties including Sauvignon Blanc, the country’s biggest wine export, to maintain quality and avoid a glut as demand slows. The total harvest may drop 4 percent this year from last year’s record to 275,000 metric tons, according to a survey by industry group New Zealand Winegrowers.

Bloomberg report here <link>

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Anything but Sauvignon. It can be ABC, Anything But Chardonnay <link> (from my other blog before I created this one). I’m definitely not a fan of Sauvignon so I was pleased to read this excellent article from The San Francisco Chronicle <link> about the other wines made in the home of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough. It concludes:

“The wines in this list that are made without Sauvignon Blanc show that Marlborough can produce top-flight wines even without relying on its signature grape.”

I can particularly recommend Lawson’s Dry Hills Marlborough Gewurztraminer. I haven’t tasted this particular vintage.

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I’m as parochial and patriotic as the next bloke when it comes to all things New Zealand and New Zealand wine. But I do agree with Basic Juice about New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc <link>.

“Kiwi Blanc has overshadowed every other grape variety.  And this is a very sad thing.”

For others to looks out for, here’s my earlier post presenting the winners of the 2007 Air New Zealand Wine Awards <link>

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