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“The idea behind the Vino-Lok system is to provide bottlers with a closure that is technically and organoleptically 100 percent neutral, meets food-grade standards, and is attractive to consumers.”

SFGate has a full article on the subject. <link>

“The small glass closure came about in late 2001 and early 2002 when Dr. Karl Matheis, a German physician, noticed a similar stopper on a bottle that needed to stay sterile for medical operations. Why not use it for wine as well?”

The fuss around closures seems to be around ageing. I thought something like 90% of wine was made to drink within six months of bottling. So why the fuss?As for Vino-Lok, it definitely has a nicer aesthetic than a screwcap.

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“The wine on the left in each of the line-ups is the screw cap wine – the others are various cork…s and synthetics . . . None of the wine were drinkable after 10 years – EXCEPT the one under screwcap. . . Yes you CAN age wines nicely under screwcap”. This is Tercero Wine’s conclusion based on an Australian Wine Research Institute study.

Thanks for the post. It’s a great image.

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Who knew? Wine screwcaps were patented on 10th August 1889 by Dan Rylands of Barnsley, UK. Here’s a history of screwcaps <link> or as they are now known Stelvin closures. Here’s why.

“It wasn’t until the introduction of the Stelvin screwcap, developed in the late fifties by the French manufacturer, La Bouchage Mecanique and now the registered trademark of Pea-Pechiney, a French manufacturer of bottle seals, that the seal became to be recognised as a quality product.”

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