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Plate and wine

For 2008, the top 10 wines (by volume) sold in American restaurants, as reported by Restaurant Wine News, were:

1. Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay, Vintner’s Reserve, CA
2. Cavit Pinot Grigio, Italy
3. Beringer Vineyards White Zinfande, CA
4. Sutter Home White Zinfandel, CA
5. Inglenook Chablis, CA
6. Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio, Italy
7. Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio, Italy
8. Copper Ridge Vineyards, Chardonnay, CA
9. Yellow Tail Chardonnay, Australia
10. Franzia Winetaps, White Zinfandel, Vintner Select, CA

No Pinot Noirs and not even a single red wine. So much for the Sideways effect.

And the top 10 brands by volume were:

1. Kendall Jackson
2. Sutter Home
3. Beringer Vineyards
4. Franzia Winetaps
5. Inglenook
6. Yellow Tail
7. Copper Ridget
8. Cavit
9. Woodbridge
10. Salmon Creek

Read the press release here.

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drinking habits

“Despite some anecdotal reports of a surge in drinking accompanying the economic recession, Gallup’s annual update on alcohol consumption finds little change in Americans’ drinking habits. The percentage of U.S. adults who consume alcohol is fairly steady at 64%, and there has been little change in self-reported drinking volume.”

The phrase here is “self reported”. My view is that the reality may be a little different. I’m also not in the majority. I prefer wine (drink beer too).

“Four in 10 drinkers say they prefer beer, compared with 34% naming wine and 21% liquor.”

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I’ve always been a little confused by the US wine laws. We once tried to send a case from New Zealand to a friend in the US. It got held by US Customs and required all sorts of forms to be completed and money to be paid. It seems that all this applies to US wine stores too. Here’s the list of what this store <link> can send to its customers across the country.

“In accordance with the laws in each state, Folie à Deux Winery can only ship wine to consumers in the following states:

Alaska – Reasonable amount, Wet areas only
California – No limit
Colorado- No limit
Hawaii – 3 cases per year, Honolulu County only
Idaho – 2 cases per shipment, maximum 24 cases per year
Illinois – 2 cases per year
Iowa – 2 cases per month
Minnesota – 2 cases per year
Nebraska – 1 case per month
Nevada – 12 cases per year
New Hampshire –  80 bottles per household per year
New Mexico – 2 cases per month
New York – 36 cases per year
North Carolina –  2 cases a month
Oregon – 2 cases per month
South Carolina – 2 cases per month
Texas -15 bottles per month
Virginia – 2 cases per month
Washington – No Limit
Wisconsin – 3 cases per year
Wyoming – 2 cases per household per year”

Seems like a good reason to live in Washington State, Colorado or California. Others clearly do not welcome wine drinkers; Illinois for example.  At 36 cases per year I do wonder why NY bothers with a limit at all. Having said that I assume it is illegal to send any wine at all to the states that aren’t listed!

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