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There are more excellent wine labels in this post than I seen in one place for a long time. <link>

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Lazarus Wine <link> (Spanish required). A wine made by people that are blind with a braille label. Thanks SwissMiss and others.

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Both of these labels are innovative, both demonstrate excellent design and both come from dieline <link>

I think this might be the first of more posts profiling fine label design.

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“With the Liberation of France, to celebrate the return of the peace and to mark a new beginning, Baron Philippe conceived the idea of dedicating the vintage of 1945, one of the greatest of the century, to ‘Année de la Victoire, the year of the Victory. He commissioned the young painter Philippe Jullian to produce a graphic design based on the “V” sign made famous by Winston Churchill during the war.

That exception became the rule, and from 1946 on a contemporary artist was commissioned every year to create an original work to illustrate the label.”

This site collects all the designs into one place <link>. Nice work.

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