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And the most disappointing. Thanks Magnificent Ruin

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As wine lists go the Corrigan’s of Mayfair’s list <link> is one of the most interesting. The groupings are fascinating. Here are two examples:

“Opulent and Mouthfilling
Wines that achieve concentration either by the fanatical work done in the vineyard, or by the nature of the grape itself or via the work on the lees in the winery or a combination of all three. The almost unctuous texture of sweetbreads deserves a white wine with fleshy fruit and perhaps a touch of honey and spice. These wines are also superb with pork and chicken and can even be enjoyed with soft cheeses.

“The Blood of the Soil” -The Taste of Terroir
…Rustic, sanguine, almost medicinal – these are supremely digestible reds. Not heavy, but marked by fresh acidity these wines are perfect with stews and slow roasted meats. Many of them come from the south-west corner of France..”

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Great headline. I suppose it depends on how you define a sexy wine list. As the article says…

“For some, the sexiest wine lists include rare and hard-to-find vintages. For others, it’s great value in wine.”

Here’s the list. Make up your own mind. <link>

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