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According to the Guiness Book of Records, Milestii Mici has the biggest wine collection in the world.

The collection comprises 1.5 million bottles. Stretching for 250 kilometres (160 mi), of which only 120 kilometres (75 mi) are currently in use, the Milestii Mici cellar complex is also the largest in the world. Overall, the complex holds nearly 2 million bottles. More than 70% of the stored wines are red, 20% are white and about 10% are dessert ones. The most valuable items of this collection, worth €480 a bottle, were produced in 1973-74; they are now exported only to Japan.

It’s in Moldova.Who would have guessed?

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Swanson Vineyards in the Napa offer the opportunity to purchase their wines with a label appropriate to the occasion or moment. Great idea. I’ll bet the “please forgive me” option is a best seller.

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This is the perfect combination of two of my interests, wine and biking. Buy them here <link>

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HOLLIE was intrigued to see the Pope downing Fanta yesterday. She said: “Pontiffs have traditionally favoured fine wines. In fact, appellations were first mentioned in the Bible, and Pope John XXII was key in developing the renowned Châteauneuf-du-Pape in the 1300s.”

Wine history from The Sun’s Page 3 girl.

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To mark his 70th birthday, Sir Cliff is producing his own brand of sparkling wine from his vineyard in Portugal. <link>

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And the most disappointing. Thanks Magnificent Ruin

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“Using a custom-crush facility, Twitter is making a California Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir under the Fledgling wine label and donating the proceeds from the sales to Room to Read, a non-profit organization that supports literacy programs around the world.”

The Wine Spectator interviews Biz Stone here.

And if you’re interested you can follow me here.

Update: The wine is now available. It’s called Fledgling. <link>

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In two posts Alawine lists a selection of the Platinum Reds from the San Diego competition and the top wines of the event. Or you can get them from the horse’s mouth here.

And to save you a click, the best red in the show was a Pinot Noir, the 2007 LaZarre Pinot Noir, Central Coast. A complete bargain at $35. This is what it looks like.

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from Gourmet Traveller

There’s always value in reading articles like this one. You may not be able to get exactly that wine at exactly that price. But what you do get is a list of wineries to be on the look out for. You never know, they may appear in your local wine shop.

Wynns Coonawarra is always reliable. As is Peter Lehman. I’ve never really taken to Wyndham Estate but a good friend of mine speaks highly of them. The one I’ll be looking for is the Trentham Estate Pinot Noir. A picture always helps keep something in the memory. So here’s what the label looks like.

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I walked into the fine wine section of Majestic Wines and met Planeta Cometa for the first time. I’d never heard of this Scillian maker or seen a wine that is almost orange in the bottle. The bloke tried to sell it to me but I wasn’t convinced. Perhaps I should have been, because I’ve come home and lo’ and behold if Wine Spectator isn’t writing about their plans to produce a win that might have been Caesar’s favourite.

“What would Julius Caesar drink? Planeta, one of Sicily’s best-known wineries, plans to produce a wine that might have been the Roman emperor’s favorite. The wine will come from vineyards in the little-known appellation of Mamertino in the northeastern part of the island that Planeta recently leased.

In Roman times, Mamertino was reputed to produce one of Sicily’s top wines, a red Caesar ordered for feasts. The winery is currently collaborating on a research project with Attilio Scienza, a professor of viticulture from the University of Milan. Their goal is to discover the forgotten indigenous grape variety that was blended with Nocera grapes to produce Mamertino. They hope to get as close as possible to the original blend that Caesar used to drink.”

Note to self. Be more adventurous next time.

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