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Women have a more perceptive palate than men. This is a conventional wisdom in the world of wine and supported by my own experience.

The Sacramento Bee includes both anecdotal evidence and science to support this conclusion.

“”Oftentimes when I teach classes I have beginners, and when I ask people to volunteer what they’re (tasting) the women are shooting their hands up. I can’t call on them quickly enough. Their descriptions from the wine glass can be so nuanced and fabulous.”

They also quote a Danish study where 8,900 schoolchildren painted their tongues blue to have their taste buds counted and were subjected to samples of various sweet and sour tastes.

“The conclusion practically had the girls singing “anything you can do, I can do better.” Girls had a better sense of taste than boys and were more keen on recognizing various levels of sweet and sour.”

So there you have it – female tasters rule!

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